Abbie Hingstrum

Abbie Hingstrum | Client Concierge

Our avid Harry Potter fan swears she'd be sorted into the Hufflepuff house, and has the research to back it up. Abbie loves keeping busy by playing in a local soccer league and spending time outdoors with her husband, Rob. When it's time to relax, you'll find Abbie snuggling up with her cat, Roz (short for Rosalind Franklin), and a good book.


Last New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight, I was:

Playing a mean game of Scrabble. 


Favorite sports team

U.S. Women's National Soccer


Most people don't know...

I’m mixed-handed, but I always write with my left. I've also never had a cavity! 


Favorite hobbies

I love playing soccer, traveling, reading and crafting     


Favorite vacation

Harry Potter World a.k.a Universal Orlando 

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