AJ Sharpe

AJ Sharpe | Dental Technology Support Engineer 

AJ is a woman of many talents and a lover of all-things-nerdy. When she's not helping our awesome partners, you'll find her skating, cozied up with a video game, or decompressing with legos. AJ lives with her husband, Ben, their two dogs (Nubbin and Ziggy), and hedgehog (Kevin). 


Stranded Island. Three Items. Go. 

Giant Knife, Bug Spray, Harry Potter book set. 


I <3 Technology Because

It’s never stagnant. There is always something to new to explore and learn.  


Secret Celebrity Idol

Mindy Kaling, except it’s no secret.


What Do You Love About Medix? 

I love the passion and energy everyone brings to the table daily. Everyone is always willing to help and take the extra step to make it a great experience for partners.

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