Who do you work with?

We partner with dentists all over the country who want to maximize technology ROI while creating a more productive, professional, efficient, and happy office. Our clients view technology as an investment in their practice, not an expense. We allow our clients to focus on dentistry and just be a dentist.  See how we make client’s lives easier


Who don’t you work with?

We don’t seek relationships with dentists who view technology as a nuisance, waste of money, or one-size-fits-all.


Why choose Medix Dental?

Our team’s sole focus and expertise is in dental technology. That means we are highly experienced with your day-to-day business, including dental software, equipment, and routine practices. We provide consistent quality and personalized support, honest consulting, and true-to-cost services.


If your family member was sick, would you take them to the cheapest doctor? Or would you take them to a highly regarded specialist who would effectively and efficiently cure the illness? Medix Dental’s True Support Partnership is like guaranteed quality healthcare for your dental practice. As a privately owned company, we take time to effectively learn about your practice so we can recommend and maintain technology solutions. We don’t adhere to the “one-size-fits-all” attitude often exuded by larger corporate companies.


How do you address issues that need onsite attention?

Our team can fix most technical issues remotely.  This means quick service without disrupting staff or alarming patients of an issue. For situations that require onsite service, a Medix Dental expert will come on-site in a timely and efficient manner.


Why do I need a support partnership if my equipment is new?

The dental and technology industry is always changing. We keep your (new) systems running at optimal levels with nightly security checks, tech support, and warranty assistance.  This keeps your investments running as long as possible. 


In five years, equipment will no longer be new. A Medix Dental True Support Partnership ensures you have an ally to guide you through inevitable situations, industry standards, compliance concerns, and solutions for your practice.


A True Support Partnership is about more than just equipment. We are your full technology partner, so we keep an eye on security threats, updates, and HIPAA requirements so you don’t have to.


Do you cost more than other dental technology companies?

No. We haven’t found a dental technology company that matches our services and offerings, so it’s difficult to compare our value. Our goal is to guide you through important practice investments and maximize ROI. A partnership with Medix Dental protects your time, money, patient satisfaction, and employee productivity. 


Will you work with my previously purchased systems and software?

Yes! We take an agnostic approach to practice management software, imaging software, and digital equipment. This means we make recommendations based only on opinions and feedback from our experience and nationwide clients.


Technology is expensive and confusing. Can I trust you?

We’ll let our clients answer this one


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