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2015 Tech Preview

2015 Tech Preview

Microsoft 10 Release

  • Mid-late 2015 release

  • Perks: Virtual desktops, customizable start menu

  • Operates across tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices

  • Don't be too eager to migrate, it will likely be a while before we recommend upgrading. Most dental vendors will not be compatible for several months, at least.

3D Printer Advancements for Dental and Consumers

  • Many companies will release 3D printer models. Initial prices will be hefty, but we can expect prices to drop for dental practices and the masses over the next decade. For a sneak peak, Google the following: Formlabs, Asiga, and Solidoodle.

  • HP is already working to impact businesses with 3D printing

  • It's estimated that 3D printing will be an $8 billion dollar industry by 2025.

Windows Server 2003 End Of Life (EOL)

  • Microsoft will discontinue support July 14, 2015

  • Early migration will ensure practices don't miss the deadline.

  • Users who continue to operate on the expired server risk malicious server attacks, catastrophic data loss within 12 months, sky rocketing operating costs, and non-compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations. Use our guide to check if you currently run on Server 2003. 

Smart Everything

  • These won't likely impact the dental industry, but the 'smart' items of 2015 are too fun not to share.

  • Gloves: Pay for everything with a wave.

  • Shirts and Shorts: Track your movement, heart rate, breathing patterns, and GPS location with sewn-in sensors.

  • Watches: The Apple Watch has already made headlines, but many competitors will fight for your business. The wide variety of features include quick payment methods, health tracking, and even auto-parking your BMW is in testing.



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