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Dentists of Tomorrow

Dentists of Tomorrow

We just returned from our annual chat with dental seniors at Creighton Dental School. Our visit at Creighton (and other dental schools including Iowa and Nebraska) represents our ongoing effort to provide valuable technology and compliance knowledge to graduating dentists.
"There's plenty of reasons we prioritize meeting with senior dental students," says Medix Dental President Tom Terronez. "First off, we have a great time and enjoy keeping up with the dentists of tomorrow. And sure, we'd obviously love for them to identify us as a future technology partner. But the real reward is discussing a topic they've thought very little about during their dental education, and watching them realize how greatly it will soon impact them. We have a strong passion for the opportunities technology provides, and I think they feel that from us."
Our college discussions explore technology as it relates to patient experience, production, and HIPAA compliance. We also provide advice on making smart decisions in a world of salespeople, overwhelming options, and answer any other questions from students.
Check out photos from our visit here!



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