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As an orthodontist, you are familiar with diagnosing and treating issues that are invisible to the untrained eye. Where your patients see misaligned teeth, you see a breeding ground for tooth decay and other risks. The care you provide at your orthodontics practice is beyond cosmetic; it corrects issues that go below the surface of regular dental care. 

Just as an overbite or crossbite may be dismissed as no more than a cosmetic flaw to those without proper training, cybersecurity can be considered optional in many practices. In reality, your dental practice IT services and security can become costly if left untreated.


78% of dental offices are at a high risk for security vulnerabilities.

The Practice Protector

You shape and protect patients’ smiles. With Medix Dental IT, you’ll protect their privacy, too. We put our expertise in orthodontic technology to use by keeping systems running and defending patient data from costly breaches and HIPAA violations. 

Whether the culprit is unencrypted back-up drives, inadequate or missing firewalls, insufficient anti-virus and malware protection or missing hardware and software updates, the risks are the same.

Regulatory fines, legal fees, reputational harm and patient loss mean costs of a security breach add up quickly. Protect your practice with proactive updates and security monitoring to block online data attacks. 

The average cost to recover from a security breach is $380 per patient, according to an IBM-commissioned report.

Personalized Dental IT Services for Orthodontics Practices

Medix Dental IT works exclusively with dental practices of all types, including orthodontics. We understand the complexity of your unique IT needs. We provide stress-free IT support for all orthodontic technology systems, from 3D imaging software to digital impression scanners, so you can focus on creating lasting smiles.

We can also customize IT support and services for your orthodontics practice. Ask us about:

Stay Protected with an Onyx Partnership

Upgrade your dental practice IT with an Onyx Partnership. This exclusive partnership is built to maximize your practice’s success, offering drama-free IT services. Onyx Partnerships include:

  • Priority, unlimited remote support
  • Practice Armor® IT security services
  • Secure local and cloud data backup
  • Vendor issue mitigation
  • Installation discounts
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • Practice management and imaging software updates
  • HIPAA IT compliance assistance
  • Technology investment planning

With Practice Armor protection, Medix Dental IT works round-the-clock to keep your practice safe from hackers and security threats. Best of all, the Onyx Partnership is a subscription service, helping you manage your IT spend. 

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Dental Practice IT Designed for Orthodontics Practices

When your practice is your livelihood, you need a partner who understands. Protect your orthodontic practice with Dental IT Services from Medix Dental IT. To learn more about working with Medix Dental IT and becoming an Onyx partner, call (877) 885-1010 or contact us today!

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