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Building a practice takes time. Managing your dental technology services shouldn’t. From start to finish, Medix Dental IT helps dental practices confidently purchase and install computers, servers and networking equipment. We work comfortably alongside construction teams and equipment teams, ensuring your needs and goals are met through all practice technology decisions.

Whether it’s a speaker system for a waiting room, computer system for a hygiene bay or cable management throughout an entire office, our team can keep services up and running, minimizing downtime. We know how to make the best use of your space and will ensure your practice uses the most modern and innovative dental technology.

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Effective Dental Technology Project Management

Ineffective technology management costs dental practices time, money and sometimes even their business. With proper technology project management services, you can expect to:

Avoid Ballooning Costs

Inexperienced project management can make costs rise, fast. The Medix Dental IT technology roadmap helps practices anticipate and plan for costs associated with hardware and software upgrades. And, Medix Dental IT’s Onyx Partnership allows practices to manage their IT support spend for one flat monthly fee.

Eliminate Ineffective Communication

More than half of projects fail because of a breakdown in communication. With Medix project management services, our technology roadmap ensures all project team members are in-the-know through every step of the project. In addition, our expert technicians are always available to answer questions and provide updates.

Reduce Wasted Time

Less than one-third of projects are completed on time. These missed project deadlines cause projects to go over budget, while wasting your team’s precious time. We work closely with equipment vendors, construction teams and other important players to ensure smooth project completion within the agreed deadline.

Align Technology with Business Goals 

When IT projects are not aligned with business goals, more than half of the projects fail. Because we work exclusively in the dental industry, we understand the technology needs of practices of all sizes and specialties. In addition, our team works to understand your values and goals to ensure the technology solutions we recommend align with your practice goals. 

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Technology Management Services for the Win

With the help of our team, your practice avoid these pitfalls. Let us take the stress of out IT planning and project management so you can focus your energy where it’s needed most: Growing your practice.

To learn more about Medix Dental IT project management for dental technology services, call (877) 885-1010 or contact us today! 

"My practice did not have digital capability when I built my newest office a few years ago. On the recommendation of two colleagues I contacted Medix to help in…read"

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