When you partner with Medix Dental IT, you experience our big picture approach to dental IT support – this is how we are different from other providers. Our strategic approach to IT treatment (Tx) has been developed over 20+ years of working with 1000+ dentists, specialists, and DSOs.

We understand that each practice needs personalized care and strategic planning. Like you create a dental treatment (Tx) plan that includes a detailed oral health plan for a patient, we create an IT Tx Plan that comprises a comprehensive technology plan specific for each of our partners. The pillars of our IT Tx Plan include trusted partnership, technology alignment, data protection, operation efficiency, and practice success. 

Becoming an Onyx-level partner of Medix Dental IT, you will receive:

“Whatever you do on this call, jot down Medix’s name, as soon as you get hit with ransomware, you are going to want the contact right away.”

— Jake Puhl, DEO

You also have access to additional Onyx benefits such as:

  • Installation discounts
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Practice management and imaging software updates
  • Vendor issue mitigation
  • HIPAA IT compliance assistance
  • And more!

If you are interested in growing your business through strategic dental technology solutions, let’s talk.

Become an Onyx Partner

Not ready to optimize your practice technology to your advantage and looking for basic data security?

We recommend our Practice Armor® partnership to ensure your practice data is being fully protected. At this partner level, we will work hard to protect your practice with robust services – giving you more time to focus on your patients and their care! Fill out the short form below and a Medix representative will reach out to you shortly.

Protect Your Practice Data

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