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Long waits. No callbacks. Confusing explanations. Unexpected costs. Security vulnerabilities. The symptoms of poor dental IT support may seem annoying but harmless. Yet, too often, they mask problems that could pose great risks to protect your practice.   


78% of dental offices are at high risk of security vulnerabilities, based on 150 practice reviews. That’s why we approach IT Support differently.

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Medix logo used to request IT solutions.

Our IT support starts with an icon. On every dental workstation we support, we install the Medix Dental icon. Like the “bat signal” for technical support, this icon can be used to summon IT help when needed. Whether the problem is large or small, our support team is ready 24/7 to respond to your IT issue. But, that’s not all.

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Pain-free Dental IT Support

Dental IT support from Medix Dental IT includes:

  • Prompt responses and resolution
  • Proactive cybersecurity monitoring and patient data protection
  • Practice-level personalization
  • Technology roadmap

Prompt Response and Resolution

When IT services are down, patient care and office operations suffer. Medix Dental IT understands you can’t afford—in cost or your reputation with patients—to have avoidable, on-going issues with your practice’s hardware or software.

Our focus extends beyond quickly processing your support request. Our full attention is devoted to resolving dental IT support issues quickly. Because we work exclusively in the dental industry, our IT support team has developed the breadth and depth of knowledge that helps us quickly identify core problems and act to resolve them.

When services are down, we don’t make you wait. Our fast-acting team works to resolve IT services as soon as possible. 


26% decrease in response time reported by new Medix Dental IT clients.

Practice-level Personalization

No two dental practices are the same, so their IT support service shouldn’t be either. We build our support around your practice’s existing services and equipment (even if the equipment was not purchased with us) ensuring our support team knows how to quickly resolve issues when they arise. 

Technology Roadmap

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why we work to stop practice IT issues before they start, developing  a customized technology roadmap for each client. In addition, we update every practices’ technology roadmap twice yearly, so you can plan and budget for IT hardware and software upgrades that will be required in the future.

Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring and Patient Data Protection

We start every client relationship with a cybersecurity assessment, determining where potential security vulnerabilities lie. Then, we update, patch and address high priority hardware and software vulnerabilities to provide max patient data protection. Once that is complete, Medix Dental IT proactively monitors your IT systems to prevent hackers and security threats from causing IT-related drama. Our automated systems check around the clock for hackers and security threats, with the goal to protect your practice from having a costly dental data breach.

Always-on Dental IT Support

Every time you see the Medix Dental IT ‘m’ on a practice workstation, it’ll remind you that your dental IT support is always-on, protecting your practice and keeping things running smoothly. 

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Onyx Partnerships Give You Priority, Unlimited Remote Support 

For one monthly fee, Onyx partners receive:

  • Priority, unlimited remote support
  • Practice Armor® IT security services
  • Secure local and cloud data backup
  • Vendor issue mitigation
  • Installation discounts
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • Practice management and imaging software updates
  • HIPAA IT compliance assistance
  • Technology investment planning

To get started with dental IT support from Medix Dental IT, call (877) 885-1010 or contact us today! 

"I would enthusiastically recommend Medix for all of your dental IT needs!!! They are always available, willing to help, proactive, professional, and fun to work…read"

– Dr. Kristen

"THANK YOU from the bottom of my/our heart with the help Tom gave us late yesterday afternoon! Tom, you ROCK!!  Thank you, thank you."

– Dr. Christine

"I love your company and appreciate all that your people do for us. You guys rock."

– Dr. L

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