Achieve Dental Office HIPAA Compliance with the Practice Protector

Your patients care about their privacy, and so do you, which makes dental office HIPAA compliance essential to your practice’s success. 

Given the costs of a potential data breach and goals associated with dental office HIPAA compliance, a growing number of dental practices are making cybersecurity assessments part of their on-going IT maintenance efforts.  

Estimated cost for data breach of a 2,000-patient dental practice, according to an IBM-commissioned report.

How Dental Cybersecurity Assessments Work

When conducting a cybersecurity assessment, Medix Dental IT pairs automated scans with manual reviews to identify a wide range of potential vulnerabilities on your technology systems. Among the most common: 

Critical Security Updates

An up-to-date operating system is the first line of defense in the battle for cybersecurity, stopping known exploits and repairing software programs that slow down computer systems. As part of a standard cybersecurity assessment, Medix Dental IT reviews systems for failed operating system (OS) updates to both hardware and software. After documenting the baseline findings, Medix Dental IT support technicians update, patch and repair to secure your technology system.

Updated, Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection software protects your computer system from the viruses, malware, adware and ransomware working to invade or damage your system. If you’re using the antivirus software that was included with the purchase of your computer, it may not be enough to prevent the full scope of attacks. As part of its cybersecurity assessment, Medix Dental IT will review your endpoint protection and offer recommendations for ensuring your workstations and laptops are protected from viruses, malware, adware and ransomware.

Adequate Firewalls

Firewalls monitor the traffic entering and leaving your computer system. A strong firewall can help prevent unauthorized users from getting into your system. As part of its cybersecurity assessment, Medix Dental IT identifies potential vulnerabilities in your firewall that could leave your practice’s patient data exposed to outside users. We then recommend needed hardware updates to make it more difficult for outside user to penetrate your systems.

Encrypted Dental Data Backup

Backups provide critical redundancy and protect your practice if systems go down. But, left unencrypted, dental data backups can also pose a threat to data security. Unencrypted data backups can be lost, stolen or subject to cyberattacks. As part of its cybersecurity assessment, Medix Dental IT reviews encryption settings on your dental data backups and offers recommendations for ensuring your data is properly protected.

Get a Plan to Protect Your Practice

While other dental IT providers start and stop with automated scans of your environment, we go beyond, manually reviewing dental-specific vulnerabilities that hackers and malicious players may exploit.  Our one-of-a-kind cybersecurity assessment helps you evaluate and address dental practice HIPAA compliance from an IT perspective. 

Request a Cybersecurity Assessment to receive a custom, confidential report detailing:

  • Your office’s security and data breach vulnerabilities 
  • HIPAA compliance risks and potential violations
  • A detailed roadmap for addressing all risks

A cybersecurity assessment with Medix Dental IT takes 15 minutes of an office member’s time with no interruptions to your schedule. Then, in a one-hour assessment review with your practice owner and practice administrator, we’ll offer a report of findings and a detailed roadmap to address them. Get started improving your practice protection today!

Cybersecurity Assessment

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Onyx Partnerships Offer On-going Practice Protection and Dental Office HIPAA Compliance

Our Onyx Partnership offers full practice protection with unlimited, priority phone support, technology vendor mitigation and Practice ArmorTM data protection, all for one monthly flat fee. To learn more about how our Onyx Partnership can protect your ipractice, call (877) 885-1010 or contact us today!

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