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More than a Dental IT Company

Our team is different from other companies. We make dental IT fun and easy to understand! Plus, we value our partner relationships and are committed to your success. 

The Practice Protectors

Using their unique superpowers, our dental technology heroes work around the clock to make sure your practice is protected from data breaches, HIPAA violations, unnecessary practice downtime and IT-induced office drama. Our team proudly serves practices across the United States.

Our Team Makes Technology Pain-Free

Thinking about making the switch? Learn more about how we help dentists, orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, endodontists and Dental Service Organizations switch technology companies in minimal time. No anesthetic required. 

Tom Terronez

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Terronez is a hands-on leader in the dental technology industry, committed to helping practices reach their efficiency and IT security potential. Since founding two tech companies in the early 2000’s (Medix Dental and Terrostar Interactive Media), he has become a nationally respected and increasingly sought-after expert in his field. His mission to help practices mitigate risk, protect patients, and maximize overall success has allowed dentists all over the country to embrace a new type of technology partner.

Tom’s philosophy is best likened to Benjamin Franklin’s sentiment, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” Accordingly, he enjoys regularly educating prominent dental universities, associations, and societies about proactively combating the critical cybersecurity threats that face our time. His ability to explain these complex topics in an accessible and inclusive fashion has allowed him to connect with both novice and expert audiences alike. Still, Tom’s time in the classroom is not always spent leading; he has attended executive education programs at both Stanford and Dartmouth College.

Outside of work, Tom and his wife, Brooke, enjoy traveling and value strong civic engagement. They volunteer and serve on multiple not-for-profit boards, and regularly sponsor a wide variety of goodwill efforts within their community.

Order and read Tom’s latest book contribution in the Wiley publication, Dental Practice Transition: A Practice Guide to Management.

Favorite nerdy indulgence

Video games. My latest and greatest is Call of Duty.

Favorite pizza

The Special from Angelo’s in Sterling, IL (it is perfect)

Celeb doppelganger

Russell Peters (who happens to be my favorite comedian)

Favorite summer activities

Driving, racing, and just about anything outdoors

What do you love about Medix?

The people. Our team and our clients seriously rock!

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

Raced the Nordschleife in Nurburgring, and I'm definitely going to do it again.

Chris Jess

Chief Operating Officer

Medix Dental’s head nerd enjoys Happy Joes pizza, Christmas time, and wishes he could see the future. Chris and his wife Erika live in Le Claire with their three beautiful children.

Office nickname

MP. Don't ask me what it stands for.

Best part of the job

Being able to implement new technologies and software to make our client experience rock.

Dream car

Tesla Model S with autopilot... Come on, it has autopilot!

I'm happiest when:

I'm being goofy with my kids.

The most dangerous thing I've ever done

Sydney Bridge Climb

I <3 Medix because...

Our atmosphere and our team is phenomenal. Great people to work with.

Eric Jess

Chief Development Officer

When Eric isn’t going above and beyond for clients, you’ll find him Frisbee golfing, making a mean breakfast burrito, or planning his next skydiving trip. Eric graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2004, where he majored in Finance and played a mean game of basketball. Eric became a co-owner of Medix Dental in 2016, and currently oversees our Des Moines, IA, office. Eric loves spending downtime with his wife Lindsay and their two dogs, Herky and Stanzi.

I love technology because

It never ceases to amaze me.

Childhood nickname


Favorite summer activities

Frisbee Golfing, Sand Volleyball, Golfing

Favorite vacation

For our honeymoon, my wife and I decided to test the relationship off the bat and go on a long road trip. We visited New Orleans, Nashville, St. Louis and many random stops along the way.

Dream car

Piloted driving Audi A7

Let's end on a sappy note. What do you love about Medix?

Everything! I couldn’t ask for better co-workers and clients to work with every day. And nothing is better than hearing from clients about how happy they are with our team and services!

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