Open Dental Cloud

Technical Capabilities

As your organization grows, you need the ability to leverage economies of scale paired with lower per practice operating costs. This is where Open Dental comes in. Open Dental has become one of the fastest-growing PMS in the emerging DSO space. It can serve as the foundation to move your practices to be completely serverless. Being cloud-based involves transitioning local servers and moving practice data to the cloud, transforming your organization’s IT infrastructure.

 Additional benefits include:

  • Simplified infrastructure
  • Optimizes costs
  • Enhanced security features
  • Scalable on demand
  • Regular feature enhancements
  • Provides complete access to all data

When leveraging Microsoft Azure, private clouds can be deployed for all current and future practices allowing your IT to be simple, scalable, and serverless. Several larger DSOs have hundreds of locations using a single database of Cloud Open Dental. This creates standardization, provides security and scalability throughout the organization. Even though Open Dental is designed as a local application, it can be fully accessed using just a web browser.

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