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You know all there is to know about periodontitis. You know that this common, yet preventable disease is usually caused by poor oral care. You also know this common disease can lead to tooth loss and health risks if left untreated.  Each day, you work to prevent loss in an effort to protect your patients. 

Are you doing the same to protect your practice’s IT systems?

Protecting Dental Practices’ IT Systems, Security and Data Privacy

Much like the care you give to your patients, Medix Dental IT cares for your data and technology, offering complete protection against IT issues and cybersecurity threats. 

  • We provide comprehensive treatment for your IT, from software updates to hardware upgrades that keep your systems clean and efficient. 
  • We regularly scan for malicious cybersecurity threats to prevent IT “infections.” 
  • Finally, our prompt and friendly IT support team has your back when your systems are in urgent need of treatment.

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Dental Technology is Our Expertise

Medix Dental IT works with dentists of all types, including periodontists. As a specialized dental professional, you have particular practice and technology needs that may differ from other practices. Because dental IT is our only focus, you can trust our expertise in dental technology and IT security.

Medix Dental IT provides personalized IT services for your periodontal practice, including:

The Practice Protector

Your job is to look out for your patient’s health and well-being. But what about their privacy? As a periodontist, your practice manages a great deal of sensitive patient data, putting you at risk for a variety of cybersecurity threats, HIPAA violations and reputational harm. 

We use security automation to proactively monitor for system updates and suspicious activity, protecting your practice from data vulnerabilities and breaches. We pair that with manual reviews during an introductory cybersecurity assessment – helping uncover security vulnerabilities other dental IT providers miss.

We follow that with proactive monitoring and technology planning, helping you keep patient’s sensitive information and data protected, all the time.


78% of dental practices are at a high risk of security vulnerabilities.

Stay Protected with an Onyx Partnership

Protect your patient data, IT infrastructure and your practice completely with an Onyx Partnership. This monthly, subscription IT service includes a wide range of benefits for one flat monthly fee, including:

  • Priority, unlimited remote support
  • Practice Armor® IT security services
  • Secure local and cloud data backup
  • Vendor issue mitigation
  • Installation discounts
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • Practice management and imaging software updates
  • HIPAA IT compliance assistance
  • Technology investment planning

Best of all, we’ve made switching easy. Once you’ve made the decision to switch, we need roughly an hour of your time to fully transition you into an Onyx Partnership. That’s what we call pain-free IT.

To add Medix Dental IT to your dental technology solutions, call (877) 885-1010 or contact us today!

"Dental software and technology are vital to my dental office and the care I provide every single day. Medix provides the comprehensive knowledge and expertise…read"

– Dr. Todd

"One of the best, if not THE best, IT companies for dentists out there! We recommend Medix Dental for all your information technology needs."

– Dr. Tim

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