Dental practice office fire

By: Thomas Terronez, CEO – Medix Dental IT

Two weeks ago, our business faced a crisis that we never thought would happen to us: an office fire. While our two floors didn’t suffer direct fire damage, the extensive water and smoke damage served as a wake-up call. This unfortunate incident was caused by the negligence of a roofing contractor. Fortunately, our most critical areas were largely spared, but the experience taught us invaluable lessons that we want to share.

Lesson 1: It Can Happen to You

The first and perhaps most vital lesson we learned is that disasters can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your business or practice is immune to such events, especially when they seem rare or far-fetched. But the reality is that accidents, fires, natural disasters, and other unexpected incidents can happen to anyone, including you.

Don’t make critical decisions based on the assumption that these events won’t affect you. Instead, adopt a proactive mindset. Invest in disaster preparedness, such as fire prevention measures and emergency response plans. Acknowledge that while you hope it never happens, being prepared can make all the difference when it does.

Lesson 2: Cloud Software is Your Lifeline

One of the most significant factors that eased our recovery process was having the majority of our infrastructure in the cloud. This included our primary business operations software and backups of any local data. As a result, we could continue providing support to our partners and patients as soon as the Monday following the Friday night fire.

Cloud-based software solutions offer unparalleled resilience in the face of disasters. They are not susceptible to physical damage or loss in the same way that on-premises servers and paper records are. This experience reinforced the importance of migrating key functions to the cloud, ensuring that vital data remains accessible even in the wake of a disaster.

Lesson 3: Trust Your Insurance Partner and Coverage

In the aftermath of the fire, we were immensely grateful for our trusted insurance partner. They had guided us to secure comprehensive coverage as if our business were their own. This proved to be a crucial decision because it left us with no concerns about whether our losses would be covered.

When it comes to insurance, it’s not just about having coverage; it’s about having the right coverage. Work closely with an insurance professional who understands your unique needs. Ensure that your coverage accounts for various scenarios, including fires, floods, and other unforeseen events. Trust their expertise and heed their recommendations, as they can be the safety net that helps your practice recover when disaster strikes.


Our recent office fire served as a stark reminder that disaster can strike even the most unlikely of places. It underscored the importance of proactive disaster preparedness, the value of cloud-based software for business continuity, and the significance of having the right insurance coverage and partner.

As business leaders, it’s our responsibility to learn from experiences like ours and take concrete steps to protect our operations and the well-being of our customers/patients. By doing so, we can ensure that our businesses remain resilient and capable of providing quality support or care even in the face of unexpected challenges.

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