"What a great speaker! Thank you for this presentation. Efficient, effective, and immediately applicable."


"Every office should hear this."


"Lots of great information. I am of an ‘older’ generation, so technology is still a little confusing. It’s nice to see it all come together. I really enjoyed this course – thank you."


"Helpful info, tips, and advice. I was impressed at the scope of IT issues that were covered."

Angie from Ames, IA

"Our relationship with Medix has been so easy from the very first phone call. We gave them a list of our needs and they took care of them right away. Medix’s response time is usually within minutes which is important to us and everyone we talk to at Medix is friendly and knowledgeable. They know what we need, even when we don’t! Our office is so much more efficient since we found Medix and we have recommended them to several other offices who ended up with the same results."

Chris from Center Point, IA

"I really appreciate that I received the help I needed when it is so obviously after hours! I also appreciate the willingness to work with our software vendor to solve issues that arise. We don't have any computer savvy people in our office and questions we may have may be very elementary to an IT person. I'm pleased to say that we are never treated as ignorant. Also, we have often had help with things that probably could have been referred over to our software support vendor but Medix has gone beyond and helped."

Dr. Chris from Hiawatha, IA

"My practice did not have digital capability when I built my newest office a few years ago. On the recommendation of two colleagues I contacted Medix to help in the planning and outlay of my new space, and there hasn't been a moment since our partnership began that I have regretted the decision. Medix has been more than helpful, professional, and fun to work with. They made the perceived pain of transitioning into the digital world far easier than I anticipated, and to me have perfected this niche in the dental world. Without hesitation I would, and have, recommend them to any office for service whether or not they have digital capability."

Dr. Christine from Lincoln, NE

"THANK YOU from the bottom of my/our heart with the help Tom gave us late yesterday afternoon! Tom, you ROCK!!  Thank you, thank you."

Dr. D from Hiawatha, IA

"Your technical support group is second to none. My wife and I each had separate issues on our own PCs at home. We explained the problem and Medix was able to tie in and remedy the problem. I use my PC at home to manage my office payroll so it was important to resolve the issue quickly. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on Medix for ALL of our technical issues."

Dr. D from Cedar Rapids, IA

"We are extremely happy with how problems are resolved!"

Dr. E from Webster City, IA

"You're always there when we need you. Thank you!"

Dr. G from Ames, IA

"Medix offers dentists a partnership they will not find anywhere else. My staff and I only wish we found them sooner."

Dr. I from Bettendorf, IA

"With Medix, my computer problems are taken care of."

Dr. Joel from Waverly, IA

"Just wanted to let you know we have had exceptional service from Eric and Jake. Please forward this on to Management!"

Dr. Kristen from Central City, NE

"I would enthusiastically recommend Medix for all of your dental IT needs!!! They are always available, willing to help, proactive, professional, and fun to work with. The owners show a passion for the company and it shines through in customer service. It's really nice to be able to trust Medix to take care of all of our computer, software, & IT needs throughout the office! As the doctor, my favorite computer problem quote is, "I don't know...call Medix!"

Dr. L from Sidney, NE

"I love your company and appreciate all that your people do for us. You guys rock."

Dr. Tim from Cozad, NE

"One of the best, if not THE best, IT companies for dentists out there! We recommend Medix Dental for all your information technology needs."

Dr. Todd from Lincoln, NE

"Dental software and technology are vital to my dental office and the care I provide every single day. Medix provides the comprehensive knowledge and expertise necessary to keep my office running smoothly. This makes for less stress in my day and quite simply, I can’t put a value on what my working relationship with Medix means to me and my staff! I want to thank you guys...it's been such a great pleasure working w/ you, Eric and all of Medix over the last 3.5 yrs now...I enjoy all of you guys so much and cherish our working relationship...you guys haven't changed one bit from the beginning and I appreciate that a ton...and I honestly didn't expect you would but as we all know sometimes there are folks out there that pin you down with an initial business transaction and then they change or the product changes...hope you know what I mean by saying all this -I'm meaning it as a huge compliment to you guys...again, such a joy to work with you/Medix and wanted to just take a couple minutes to stop and say: THANK YOU!"

Kathy from Des Moines, IA

"Medix Dental truly provides the best partnership in the dental industry, and I’m so glad we found them many years ago. They provide extremely fast and effective help when we need it, and I love working with each member of their team. Their partnership allows us to focus on our patients and practice, without getting bogged down with tech issues. I don’t know how our large practice (6 doctors and over 40 staff) would function without them, but I’m glad I will never have to find out!"

Kristy from Redwood Falls, MN

"Medix Dental always delivers over and above my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Managed IT Support Provider services. I can't even express how much I appreciate all of you at Medix. I thank you for all of your assistance and guidance. You compliment our office and help keep our reputation of being dependable and consistent providers if excellent care. Thank you so very much."

Linda from Omaha, NE

"We are pleased to have partnered with Medix Dental for our IT needs. Medix Dental thoroughly understood our objectives and continues to be very responsive & reliable as we come up with new ideas on how to improve our systems. We are grateful for their expertise and fast response, and appreciate the e-mail service support system they offer. They handle nearly all support items remotely, on time, and on budget. We have never been disappointed with their service. I highly recommend Medix!"

Nadia from Cedar Rapids, IA

"We have been fortunate to have a very good working relationship with the staff at Medix Dental. Their level of knowledge and expertise is second to none and concerns and questions are answered in a clear easily understandable manner. In every instance on issues or needs that we have, the initial response time is almost immediate and we are back functioning with minimal downtime. I am very thankful to be able to count on Medix for that. I have always and will continue to speak highly of Medix to colleagues. I do still feel that the service they provide far surpasses any company I have worked with in the past."

Office Manager from Hastings, NE

"All I can say is: In a world with Medix, who needs Mark Zuckerberg? We love our partnership with such an efficient, helpful, and yet fun group of geeks!!! Thanks for all you do!"

Office Manager from Lincoln, NE

"You guys do a wonderful job! When we have a problem, you are quick to respond and get the problem resolved in a timely manner."

Office Manager from Cedar Rapids, IA

"Medix Dental are an impressive team which delivers on their promises and are stand out performers in the Managed IT Support Provider sector."

Office Manager from Milford, IA

"The team at Medix is always prompt to respond to our needs. An email response is immediate when we email a concern/question. I receive a follow-up call from a very informed, helpful technician in a very short span of time. They haven't let me down-always able to find a solution."

Sarah from Bettendorf, IA

"You all rock, thanks for taking such great care of us!"

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