Technology replacements are supposed to make you feel good. After all, you’ve invested hard-earned money back into your practice. Don’t let your goodwill efforts fall victim to these common mistakes when upgrading key pieces of technology.

1. One-size does NOT fit all

Dental IT should be like a finely tailored suit. It needs to form-fit to the intricacies of your equipment, software, practice size, and team needs. Don’t shop off-the-rack (ahem, Amazon) for your important software and hardware needs unless you are extremely well versed in your needs and ensuring your purchase measures up.

Two of the biggest risks from buying on Amazon:

  • Finding products with US warranties can be a struggle. A majority of the products are US versions, but not all. Being able to tell the difference can be difficult.
  • Sadly, some of the products that APPEAR to be what you’re looking for are counterfeit or knock-offs. We recommend you gain clarity and verify with one of our professionals before making a purchase.

This may not always be the seemingly “cheapest” route, but remember: it’s always cheapest to do it right the first time. Cheap prices upfront often mean expensive mistakes and band-aides later.

2. Skimp on security

Many practices never consider they could be a prime data attack target, despite the fact that over 75% of health care industry has been infected with malware over last year. General IT vendors don’t focus on healthcare cybersecurity and aren’t aware of HIPAA requirements; which places their clients (you) in an extremely vulnerable position. We suggest working with a dental-specific IT vendor who follows HIPAA regulations themselves.

3. Wingin’ it

The IT world is a forever-evolving beast, which means things like software and imaging technology requirements move at warp speed. When implementing new pieces of technology, it’s a good idea to have not only a sound installation plan but also a method of support to ensure the implementation is smooth and without hiccups. “Wingin’ it” often leads to technology issues, headaches and even the realization that compatibility is an issue. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Remember, it only takes a single slip-up to induce a catastrophic failure. Contact us to ensure your upcoming investments work seamlessly for you and your practice.

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