You’ve received a quality education, purchased excellent dental equipment, and regularly advance your knowledge with CE courses – all to provide your patients with the best patient care. Even so, it may often seem that all a patient cares about are the bells and whistles of your practices patient entertainment. For those who’ve considered dabbling into the world of state-of-the-art patient entertainment, check out our top three ways to enhance the patient experience through technology.

Waiting Room Entertainment

The typical patient waiting room has a TV, playing daytime television or possibly cartoons for the kids. To step things up, consider creating and playing custom videos that discuss your services, interesting dental health tips and facts, information about your team members, and any news that your practice has to share (upcoming giveaways, promotions, holiday days off, etc). Though it may seem like a large undertaking, working with a local videographer to shoot and edit a series of videos is a simple process that can prove very rewarding. Don’t forget, many video efforts can be carried across platforms to social media and websites.

Operatory Entertainment

Patient entertainment shouldn’t be reserved for just the waiting room – use operatories to provide interactive and customizable entertainment for every single patient! Consider mounting a second monitor that allows patients to watch movies or streaming services during their procedures. These are fairly inexpensive efforts that will make your practice shine against the competition. We’ve even seen practices utilize virtual reality glasses for a truly unique and high tech patient experience.

Behind the Scenes Improvements

One of the best ways to enhance patient experience is by streamlining and simplifying communication processes. For example, there are dental VoIP phone systems that immediately pull a patient’s file before staff can even answer the phone. The file displays an array of alerts and notes, so your team can immediately engage on a more personal with your patient. This saves your staff time and provides patients with excellent and prompt service every time. Additionally, implementing a patient communication system that allows texting back and forth (regarding upcoming appts, birthday wishes, etc) allows for a highly personalized yet effortless interaction.

Whether you want to spruce up operatory entertainment or further develop patient communications, we are happy to help! Contact us to learn more about how you can improve your patient experience.

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