In January of 2020, Microsoft will stop all support services for Server 2008 and Windows 7. Both operating systems experienced an End of Life back in 2015, and have received only limited support since then. If your practice still utilizes one of these Microsoft offerings, it’s time to start planning your migration away in time for the January 2020 deadline

Inaction puts your practice at risk of Non-Compliance and Security Breaches

Businesses subject to HIPAA and PCI regulations still running Windows 7 may face stiff penalties and huge fines. Risk of non-compliance and breach potential increases exponentially in January 2020, because they will no longer receive proactive patches and security updates. Unsupported operating systems will be more vulnerable to malicious attacks. Also, businesses that accept credit cards may lose their merchant privileges if they continue to run on an unsupported operating system. In short, your practice, and your patients’ data may be at risk.

What if your Windows 7 system is fairly new?

If you recently purchased a computer with Windows 7, we understand this news is frustrating. Until recently, Windows 7 was the most universally supported operating system for practice management software and digital imaging systems. This means that Windows 7 was likely the best option for your practice in recent years. While we work hard to ensure your practice receives the most updated operating system for your current office configuration, options are often at the mercy of the dental software and equipment vendor support. We will work hard to ensure a quick and painless migration process for your practice.

How To Take Action

Contact us regarding this critical matter. We will let you know the best way to proceed (along with any costs associated), and begin the migration away from Windows 7 to keep your practice safe.  You do not have to do anything immediately, but we want you to be aware so we can help you plan accordingly before the January 2020 deadline.

As always, please let us know any questions!

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