Have your grand New Year’s resolutions already fizzled out? Don’t despair! We’ve brought you three easy and simple ways to help ensure 2019 is your practice’s most successful year yet.

Update Unsupported Operating Systems
If you currently utilize Windows 7 or Server 2008 in your practice, your first priority must be to replace out-of-date operating software this year. Microsoft will stop offering support services to computers utilizing these operating systems in January 2020. Continued use puts your practice at risk for HIPAA non-compliance penalties and security breaches. Working with a trusted IT partner should make this process simple and low-stress for you.

Update Old, Slow Hardware
There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow computer, especially when you’re assisting a patient. Old workstations inhibit staff productivity, patient experience, and even daily production. They can also be detrimental to practice security.

Despite any preconceptions you may believe, hardware updates don’t have to be overwhelming or burdensome. Creating a thoughtful implementation plan to replace aging technology will help you maintain control over budget in a timespan you are comfortable with.

Enlist a Trusted Partner
Make 2019 the year you prioritize your practice’s IT security. A good partner will assist with HIPAA compliance, expanding the lifespan of your current office hardware, and securing your network. Whether you choose to work with us or another IT partner, there are perks galore to offloading the burden of dental technology.

If you are considering a partnership with us, we welcome you to see what our partners are saying. Contact us to request your own Cybersecurity Assessment now.

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