Almost 30 years ago, Fortune Practice Management envisioned an organization that marries the best of practice management and personal development. This marriage creates not only the structure but, more importantly, the culture to create an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life for the people that work within the dental profession and the patients they serve.

As Executive Dental Coaches, we are often told by new clients that all they need is “X” number of new patients a month and for us to “fix their teams.”

We agree. Every practice needs new patients.

However, the truth is, they already have all the tools and answers to “fix their teams” right under their roof. Yes, that goldmine they seek? It’s hiding in plain sight – in the form of the people that already call them their dentist.

Patients have stopped returning for a reason. Most often, it’s due to a system breakdown – or a lack of a system at all.

So, the issue has been diagnosed. Now, let’s begin treatment.

Fixing the cracks in the foundation before investing time and money to bring in more patients is priority No. 1. The rest should fall into place after that.  And we help get you there.

A myriad of systems could be at fault here: new patient flow, the exam and treatment enrollment process; the list goes on.

The most important thing we remind our clients is that communication is key.

When patients are not communicated with, they tend to feel uncomfortable and don’t return. A culture that emphasizes communication will put you, and your team, on the right path to success. It all starts with systems, communication and accountability.

Ultimately, doctors’ clinical skills are only a third of what they need to be successful. They also need management systems and communication skills. The most successful practitioners in our culture today are those who have made the conscious commitment to be master communicators.  The quality of your communication is directly related to the quality of your life.

Are you up for the challenge?

We challenge you to look hard at the systems and communication in your office. This process is not easy and requires honesty, but we assure you the work will be well worth it.

As a Medix Dental partner, we would like to extend an offer of a complimentary practice analysis. This analysis looks at five of the most important areas of your practice and illustrates the growth opportunities, system strength and overall health of your business.

If you are interested please email Marissanicholson@fortunemgmt.com. We look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve your vision and have you look forward to going to work again.

Yours in excellence,
Fortune Practice Management

A special thanks to Marissa Nicholson and Christine Hammelev at Fortune Management for providing the expertise and research in this article.

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