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For billing and invoice questions, please email our Finance Team at accounting@medixdental.com.


Our team is always here and ready to help you whenever you need it. Use our support resources to get access to our “ready to help” team as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the average response time when I have an issue?

We have one of the highest response times in the industry due to how we structure our support team. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your account manager.

Do you support printers?

End-user Help Desk Support includes connectivity support to local and network printers, as well as compatibility and driver issues. Our team can also configure and install printers for partners upon request.

Can I purchase hardware myself and have Medix set it up for me?

The equipment we choose to work with is vetted on quality, reliability, and performance. When we recommend a piece of equipment, we aren’t just vetting it for your current practice state, but for future growth as well. We have a list of specifications for each piece of equipment, which makes matching this exact piece of equipment a little challenging when you go to buy it on your own. If you are still interested in buying your own equipment, there are a few things you should know before you go shopping. Check out this article for all details.

Do you handle vendor coordination, so we are not stuck in the middle?

Yes! Vendor mitigation is one of the aspects our practices love most about partnering with Medix. Our team works with vendors every day. They are very knowledgeable about industry vendors and products, which saves your team a lot of frustration (and time) along the way.

Who do I talk to, when, and what for?

For all support-related inquiries, please submit a support ticket. For billing and invoice questions, please email our finance team. For everything else, you can reach out to your account manager!

How much notice does Medix need for hardware replacement/installation?

This varies depending on the specific hardware we are working with and if it requires scheduling our onsite team to do the installation/replacement. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss further and obtain a better timeframe.

Why do you recommend replacing servers/workstations at 5 years?

It is industry standard, as well as Medix standard, to replace your hardware once it hits 5 years old. The reason for this is, that most warranties expire after 5 years, and performance begins to deteriorate. Ensuring your hardware is up to date will help ensure your technology is performing as it should, which will eliminate many issues that could possibly arise due to outdated equipment.

How do you monitor partner satisfaction?

Satisfaction surveys go to all partners that have submitted a ticket within a certain timeframe. However, we welcome all feedback you may have. Please feel free to reach out to your account manager and they will share the feedback accordingly with the Medix team.

What communication do partners receive throughout the year?

You will receive various communication through hardware reports (issued at least two times a year), account management check-ins, satisfaction surveys, and company-wide communication as needed.

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