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The Pain of Technology

The Pain of Technology

The dental industry has more in common with the IT industry than you might think: Both are thought of as overwhelming, stressful, and expensive services by their clients. Since we work only with dental practices, we are aware of the pain points you may often associate with IT providers. Check out how to overcome common technology woes below.

Finding a Trusted Partner

Trust is hard to establish when it seems everyone is speaking a different language – it’s difficult to determine if someone is pulling your leg in order to tug at your wallet. To start, it’s best to find a highly regarded IT provider that specializes in the dental industry. The most trustworthy partners will have a vested interest in your success. For example, an IT partnership which offers unlimited tech support ensures the provider will work hard solve issues correctly the first time, so they can keep their support call volume low. Alternatively, be weary of partnerships that thrive when you’re stuck (and charging support by the minute).

Something Always Goes Wrong

You heard it from the horse’s mouth: Technology is not perfect! However, a great IT partner will reduce the potential for unforeseen incidents, and will have redundancies in place to minimize downtime in your office. Always keep track of warranties (if your IT partner doesn’t do it for you), and establish a central location to store them for easy access. Even in situations you’re sure something is out of warranty, it’s always a good idea to always check before shelling out money for replacements.

It’s Expensive!!

Ah yes, we know. Computers, servers, and all that jazz usually come at price larger than you hope. Luckily, planning is definitely on your side when it comes to managing and controlling expenses. Appropriately budgeting for your equipment lifespans will help ensure you can properly phase out equipment before it negatively impacts your production and efficiency, all while having realistic expectations of replacement costs. A good IT partner will assist in your planning to ensure you are never caught off guard by necessary replacements. At Medix Dental, we provide partners with annual Hardware Lifespan and Budgeting Reports so proper planning and preparation is easy. 

We've helped lots of practices overcome technology headaches with our Onyx Partnership. If there are pain points keeping you up at night, contact us to learn if we can help!


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