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Medix Heads West!

Medix Heads West!

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We were honored to present at this year’s Rocky Mountain Dental Convention (RMDC) in Denver, Colorado. Our presentation focused on dental IT security, common vulnerabilities, and the best ways for dental professionals to strengthen their practice data protections.

The response from the RMDC audience was similar to other groups we've spoken with. After our presentation, many attendees contacted us in shock at what they didn't previously know, an urgency to create/strengthen protections, and an appreciation to confidently move forward on the right path. This is our mission, and why we prioritize educating the dental community.

Medix Dental's CEO, Tom Terronez, is not shy about how he's seen the dental landscape change in the last decade.

"We feel there is an epidemic in the dental community at this time. IT security vulnerabilities are at an all-time high; while unbiased, niche expertise and assistance through these challenges are scarce. We are humbled and eager to fill the knowledge gap, and help dental professionals protect their practice and livelihood."

Big thanks to the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention for hosting us, and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mile-high city while educating dental professionals. Check out our event photos here

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